How Commercal Pressure Washing can Help You

Commercial pressure washing essentially refers to a professional pressure washing firm that use equipment to channel water at intense pressure to clean the exterior of a building and other surfaces. Over time the outer surface and surrounding areas of a building suffer a build up of mold, algae, mildew and other contaminants that pose a health hazard. In addition, over a relatively short period of time exterior structural damage is inevitable.

Buying pressure washing equipment then sitting to watch a Do-It-Yourself videos does not spontaneously translate you into an exceptional pressure cleaning professional. To an inexperienced eye, this exercise can be energy sucking, time consuming and a potentially risky venture. Commercial pressure washing can be of great help to you. You’re asking how? Simply follow my lead.  Here’s a video showing the basic set up.

1. Time Saving

Conventional cleaning methods are bound to be time consuming considering you need to apply a cleaning solution, scrub out dirt then rinse off the surface. Commercial pressure washing wraps up the three repetitive process of conventional cleaning and gets the work done in one stroke. Rather than volunteer your free time to do pressure cleaning on your house at the expense of spending quality time with family and friends, let the professionals do the job.

2. Cost Effective

Consistent and effective commercial pressure washing will significantly reduce structural aging agents such as decay and rotting. This is a fairly cheap and effective way to prolong the life span of your home. A building left to brood in years of contaminants is prone to an accelerated structural impairment. The cost of renovation and maintenance is too high to be compared to commercial pressure washing.

3. Safety

Commercial pressure washing will save you the agony of scaling walls and having to deal with your phobia for heights. Poor handling of equipment that project water at high pressure can lead to extensive damage that will be costly to repair. Moreover, you can easily sustain bodily harm if you do not have appropriate safety equipment and skill set to work on unusually high surfaces.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Any honest realtor will tell you that commercial pressure washing of your building will potentially increase its market value if your intention is to sell it. Commercial pressure washing gives a facelift to the exterior of a home, restoring its initial appeal.

In case your sidewalk is plagued with algae and often feels slippery, don’t wait till you break your spine. Commercial pressure washing is all you need.

Spring Clean the Outside of Your Home

Springtime rolls around and it’s time to do the annual cleaning, cleaning the outside of the house is just as important as cleaning the inside.  You can clean your siding, chimney and gutters in no time flat by bringing in a pressure washing service.  They can take care of all the exterior surfaces that require cleaning and maintenance. Here are some areas you can take care of with pressure washing and how you can spring clean the outside of your home.


Often home owners overlook the driveways and walkways when they have their houses pressure washed. Don’t forget that this is one of the first things that your visitors will see when they come over to visit.  The right equipment and the expertise of a professional pressure washing company can get deep into the crevices of your driveways and walkways.

Patio and Decks

Pressure washing your decks should be done at least once per year to protect the wood from mold, fungi, stains and cracks.  Not cleaning your deck allows, insects and vermin to call your deck home and start breaking down the wood.  Don’t forget the decks of your pool either.  If you have patio stones around your yard, the texture of the gravel and stones allow for debris to get trapped and pressure washing can remove all that dirt and grime.

Wash the House and Chimney

The exterior of the house along with your roof, chimney and your fences call all be cleaned with pressure washing.  It will remove the rust stains from your chimney and like your decks it will also remove molds and fungi from the exterior of your home.  Like your decks you should also make sure that your fences are pressure washed to keep them from cracking.

Why Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is the most efficient way of cleaning the exterior of your home, the water will take off dirt, grime, mold and algae.  If you are preparing to paint your house then pressure washing can take of all the old and flaking paint, and save you hours of scraping paint off by hand.  You can use softer water to clean off your roof and prevent things like roof rot.  Keeping your home clean and free of debris will help maintain the value of your home.  If you’re looking to sell the give it a good clean to make it look more presentable to potential buyers.